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ECF Media Accounts

CM/ECF Media Accounts

The U.S. District Court, District of Minnesota offers CM/ECF Media Accounts so that account holders may designate specific cases for which to receive email notices of case activity. The steps for obtaining a CM/ECF Media Account and more information on how to use the account are provided below.


Steps to obtain Media Access:

  • Fill out a Media Access - Registration Form and E-mail this completed form to with a subject line of: Attention: Media Access.   
  • Register for an individual PACER account or upgrade your current PACER account.Complete a request for Non-Attorney E-File Registration through PACER. Once the court has both the registration form (emailed to the ecf helpdesk) and the request for Non-Attorney E-File Registration (submitted through PACER), your media access request will be processed. If approved, you will receive a message from the Court through your PACER account.
  • In order to receive e-mail notices, additional ECF account configuration is required. Please refer to the Guide to Using CM/ECF Media Accounts for more information.


Media ECF Accounts Public Notice

Guide to Using CM/ECF Media Accounts