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Jury Qualification Questionnaire

EVERYONE who receives a Juror Qualification Questionnaire is REQUIRED to complete the form.  The questionnaire may be completed online or via the mailed paper form.  IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO COMPLETE THE FORM, SOMEONE ELSE CAN COMPLETE IT ON YOUR BEHALF.  If completing on someone’s behalf, the person must provide his or her name, address, and the reason why the recipient is unable to complete the form in the “Remarks” section in eJuror or the paper questionnaire.

This is NOT a summons to report for jury service.  The purpose of the Juror Qualification Questionnaire is to determine if you are qualified to serve as a juror.  If qualified, you may be randomly selected and mailed a summons to serve between September 2023 and August 2025.

We are only considering the four (4) excuse requests at this time.  All other requests will be reviewed if you receive a summons to report to the courthouse.

The FAQs section can answer many of your questions. For additional assistance, please contact the Jury Qualification Questionnaire Line by phone at 612-664-5187 or by email at