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Court Interpreters


Federal Court Interpreters

If you have been selected to perform court interpreting services for the U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota or are interested in doing so, this information will assist you in performing your services according to the specifications of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts (AO).

Interpreter Qualifications

The professional knowledge, skills, and abilities required of a federal court interpreter are highly complex. Communication in courtroom proceedings may be more complex than that in other settings or in everyday life. For example, the parties involved may use specialized and legal terminology, formal and informal registers, dialect and jargon, varieties in language and nuances of meaning.

Types of Interpreters

The Administrative offices classifies three categories of interpreters

Fees for Court Interpreters

  • Certified and Professionally Qualified Interpreters
  • Full Day: $418
  • Half Day: $226
  • Overtime: $59 per hour or part therof
  • Language Skilled (Non-Certified) Interpreters
  • Full Day: $202
  • Half Day: $111
  • Overtime: $35 per hour or part thereof

Court Interpreting Guidance

Contract Court Interpreting Services

Background Checks

A background check (finger-printing) is required of all contract court interpreters who work in any of the U.S. District Courts. In order to comply with this requirement contact Jovita Stewart at 612- 664-5001 to set up an appointment.

For a full listing of policies, rates or interpreting standards, please visit the following web-site: If additional information is needed, please email the Interpreter Coordinator at