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Other Information

Below is some additional information that was not covered in the other sections of the webpage. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact the Court Reporter Coordinator.

1. Ordering Transcripts for an Appeal.

There are 3 separate steps to ordering transcripts for an appeal:

  • Step #1:  Review the case docket and locate the minute entry for each proceeding where a transcript has not yet been produced and is needed for the appeal.
  • Step #2:  Complete the Transcript Order Form, identifying the proceedings for which a transcript needs to be produced for the appeal. Indicate on the form in section 8 that the request is being made for an appeal.
  • Step #3:  File the Transcript Order Form in CM/ECF using the Transcript Request Event.

Additional information on appeals to the Eighth Circuit:

Additional information on appeals to the Federal Circuit:

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2. Sealed Proceedings or Sealed Cases

Sealed Proceeding. An attorney of record on the case may order transcripts of sealed proceedings by following the same steps to order a transcript of a public proceeding. When ordering the transcript using the Transcript Request Event, indicate when prompted that you are requesting a transcript of a sealed proceeding.

Sealed Cases. An attorney of record may contact the Clerk's Office ECF Helpdesk at 866-325-4975 or 612-664-5155 to have the request filed in ECF on his or her behalf.

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3. Transcript Requests for CJA Counsel

All requests for transcripts by CJA Counsel must be made exclusively in CJA eVoucher. For assistance with eVoucher, contact Lisa Smith, Panel Administrator at 612-664-5859.

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