Answers to Frequently Asked Questions - E-mail Noticing

How do I obtain a login and password to the Electronic Case Filing System?

If you are currently admitted to the Federal Bar and are in active status, send an e-mail to to requesting ECF access. The e-mail should include the:

            -     Attorney’s full name

            -     MN Bar I.D.

            -     E-mail address

We will verify your admission status with the court and e-mail your login/password information to you at the email address listed in ECF. Login/password information can only be emailed directly to the attorney. If your admission status is inactive, you will need to re-register to receive a login and password.

You may also make the request by calling the help desk at 1-866-325-4975 and providing the above information.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions - E-mail Noticing

What is the difference between a PACER login and an ECF login?

A PACER login is issued and administered by the PACER Service Center and is used to view docket sheets and to perform other document searches. Please be advised you will be charged for this activity. The login/password information screen will also appear after an attorney has accessed his/her free look of the document from the hyperlink in the e-mail notification (the attorney receives one free look/copy and so does any secondary email addresses). The login screen looks similar to the ECF login screen. The PACER login screen reads: PACER Login at the top of the window.

The Minnesota ECF login and password are needed to get into the electronic case filing system to maintain user accounts, and e-file documents. The ECF login screen reads: ECF/PACER Login at the top of the window.