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CJA Information

General Information

The plan for the implementation of the Criminal Justice Act of 1964 as Amended provides that a panel of private attorneys who are eligible and willing to be appointed to provide representation be maintained by the Clerk of Court. The list of attorneys on the panel is maintained by the Clerk of Court with copies furnished to the district judges and magistrate judges. For more information consult the CJA Plan PDF DOWNLOAD.


The attached manuals were prepared by the Office of the Federal Defender to help CJA panel attorneys in the District of Minnesota understand their obligations and rights under the Criminal Justice Act and be familiar with the rules. The contents of these manuals are intended solely as a guide. They refer to sections of the Guide to Judiciary Policies and Procedures (available at the Criminal Justice Act (18 U.S.C. §3006A) and other applicable statutory provisions. Those sources are updated on an ongoing basis and will therefore prompt revisions of these manuals. In the event of a contradiction between these manuals and the statutory authority or other appropriate regulating authority pertaining to CJA issues, CJA attorneys are instructed to contact the Federal Defender's Office-MN or the Office of Defender Services (ODS) before taking action pursuant to that provision.

Most of these links require Adobe Acrobat Reader to use. This is a free product available from . The wpd (Word Perfect) and doc (MS Word) links are versions of the documents you can download.

CJA Form 20 Instructions PDF DOWNLOAD

CJA Form 21 Instructions PDF DOWNLOAD

CJA Form 24 Instructions PDF DOWNLOAD

CJA Subpoena Instructions PDF DOWNLOAD

Changes Noted Above:

The CJA 20 Instructions were updated to reflect the following rate changes for services on or after January 1, 2015:

CJA panel attorney hourly rate increased from $126 to $127. Government mileage rate increased from $.56 to $.575. Panel attorney case compensation maximum amounts increased by $100 to $9,900 for felony cases and $7,100 for appeals.

The CJA 21 Instructions were updated to reflect changes to the court interpreter rates.

The National CJA Voucher Reference Tool contains forms, rules and instructions on CJA matters. or


It is important for you to understand your obligation and rights under the Criminal Justice Act and be familiar with the rules that must be followed as you spend money for services other than your own. Please read the Public Disclosure of Attorney Fee Information PDF DOWNLOAD before completing the forms below.

Your requests concerning subpoenaing of witnesses and expert witnesses are entitled to be kept under seal from the attorney for the United States and to be heard ex parte by the District Court or U.S. Magistrate Judge. Requests for blank CJA forms for transcripts (CJA 24) and experts (CJA 21) should be directed to the Federal Defender's Office, (612) 664-5858 or 5859.

Please note: CJA forms should not be filed with the U.S. District Court on ECF.

CJA Form 20:  Obtain form from Federal Defender's Office  

Split Rate Form (Excel):   XLS

CJA Form 21:     PDF    WPD        

Expert Memo:    DOC   WPD

CJA Form 24:     PDF    WPD

*Excel spreadsheet for use by attorneys when preparing CJA Form 20 vouchers on cases that began prior to May 20, 2007 and have services under more than one compensation rate. To use, right click on "xls", click on "Save Target As..." and the save the file to a location on your C: Drive.

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