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In re Zurn Pex Product Liability Litigation

This multidistrict litigation consists of cases in which the plaintiff claims that the defendants’ design and choice of materials for use in brass plumbing fittings caused damage to the plaintiff’s property. Plaintiffs allege that these brass fittings are highly susceptible to cracking when placed under stress and exposed to water. They allege this failure causes water damage and necessitates the replacement of the entire plumbing system.

Defendants Zurn Pex, Inc. and Zurn Industries, LLC design, manufacture, and sell plumbing products including the brass fittings at issue. Defendants contend that the Plaintiffs’ claims lack merit, that the fittings are properly designed, and that the choice of materials in the fittings is not the cause of the damage.

The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation determined that the Zurn Pex cases involved common questions of fact, and that centralization of the cases in Minnesota was appropriate. All Zurn Pex cases were transferred to the District of Minnesota for coordinated or consolidated pretrial proceedings. The cases are assigned to Judge Ann D. Montgomery. Any subsequent Zurn Pex case filed in federal court will be transferred to the District of Minnesota and become part of MDL 08-1958 as a "tag along" case.