Orders and Minutes

Last Updated: September 6, 2017

This document repository may not be a complete inventory of all decisions. These electronic versions are not official documents of record; the official records are available at the Clerk's Office. The following documents are in PDF format and can be viewed or printed using Adobe's Acrobat® Reader.

DATE: 08/14/2017
Description: Order to Establish a Common Benfit Account.

DATE: 08/10/2017
Description: Minutes of 08/10/2017 Status Conference.

DATE: 07/17/2017
Description: Second Amended PTO 13 - Bellwether Discovery and Trials.

DATE: 06/28/2017
Description: Minutes of 06/28/2017 Status Conference.

DATE: 06/26/2017
Description: Streamlined Conference.

DATE: 06/05/2017
Description: Amendment to Pretrial order No. 5.

DATE: 05/31/2017
Description: Order - Order for Dismissal for no Response.

DATE: 05/31/2017
Description: Minutes of 05/31/2017 Status Conference.

DATE: 04/03/2017
Description: Order to Show Cause.

DATE: 03/28/2017
Description: Minutes of 03/28/2017 Status Conference.

DATE: 02/22/2017
Description: Memo and Order - on Motions to Dismiss.

DATE: 02/22/2017
Description: Pretrial Order No. 13.

DATE: 02/22/2017
Description: Minutes of 2/22/2017 Status Conference.

DATE: 02/22/2017
Description: Order - Motion to Dismiss based on Statutes of Repose.

DATE: 12/01/2016
Description: Minutes of 12/01/2016 Status Conference.

DATE: 11/21/2016
Description: Pretrial Order No. 12 Common Benefit Order.

DATE: 10/24/2016
Description: Minutes of 10/24/2016 Status Conference.

DATE: 09/23/2016
Description: Minutes of 09/23/2016 Status Conference.

DATE: 08/01/2016
Description: Pretrial Order No. 10 Defendant Fact Sheet.

DATE: 07/13/2016
Description: Minutes of 07/13/2016 Status Conference.

DATE: 04/26/2016
Description: Pretrial Order No. 9 ON FACT DEPOSITION DISCOVERY.

DATE: 05/18/2016

DATE: 06/21/2016
Description: Minutes of 06/21/2016 Status Conference.

DATE: 05/18/2016
Description: Minutes of 05/18/2016 Status Conference.

DATE: 04/27/2016
Description: Protective order.

DATE: 04/26/2016
Description: Pretrial Order No. 7 on Plaintiffs' Fact Sheet.

DATE: 04/26/2016
Description: Pretrial Order No. 6 on Preservation Order.

DATE: 04/26/2016
Description: Pretrial Order No. 5 on Initial Case Management Plan.

DATE: 04/21/2016
Description: Minutes of 04/21/2016.

DATE: 03/17/2016
Description: Pretrial Order No. 4 on Plaintiffs' Leadership.

DATE: 03/15/2016
Description: Minutes of 03/15/2016.

DATE: 03/01/2016
Description: Pretrial Order No. 3 on Master Pleadings.

DATE: 02/24/2016
Description: Minutes of 02/24/2016 Status Conference.

DATE: 02/12/2016
Description: Pretrial Order No. 2 on Service of Process.

DATE: 02/12/2016
Description: Pretrial Order No. 1 on Procedural Issues.

DATE: 01/12/2016
Description: Minutes of 01/12/2016 Initial Status Conference.

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