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Jury Qualification Information

Juror Qualification Questionnaires were sent to potential federal jurors in the State of Minnesota the week of March 2, 2009 . The names were randomly selected from registered voters, driver's license and state identification cards. A total of 24,000 questionnaires were mailed. During the next few months, the U.S. District Court will process the completed qualification questionnaires. It is pertinent that your questionnaire be completed truthfully and returned to the Court in a timely manner. Upon receipt, all questionnaires are reviewed and scanned, adding them to the 2009-2010 jury wheel.

Beginning September 1, 2009 and running through August 31, 2010, the names of qualified jurors will be used for court cases in the Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth and Fergus Falls courthouses. Every two months our jury clerks use an automated jury system to randomly choose several hundred names to create a "pool" of jurors in each city. From this list of names, groups of potential jurors are called to serve on trials during the two month period. Sometimes, during busy months, those that were not selected for jury duty may be called back to serve on another trial. The process is exciting and the likelihood that you will go to a courtroom on the day you arrive for jury duty is very high.

On behalf of the court, we look forward to your service to the federal judiciary of the United States. Please call our offices if you have any questions regarding this process.

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